Guided Tours

Guided Tours on & around Lord Howe Island & Ball's Pyramid

Mounter Gower Guided Tour - Climb

1. Monday & Thursday - estimated. 8.5hrs (fitness requirements)
The Mt. Gower Climb and Hike, is 875m above sea level.
The climb includes walks through the Forest, Bird Watching and Bird Patting.
Groups, Individuals
2. Tailor-made Trips - Contact Us

Balls Pyramid & Around Island Guided Tours

Please note: Advanced bookings for
Bird Watchers are recommended


1. Around the Island Only
Groups, Individuals
2. Balls Pyramid - Balls Pyramid & Bird watching - includes dolphin watching
Groups, Individuals
3. Tailor-made Trips - Contact Us


Tailor-made Trips - Contact Us

Ball's Pyramid / Around Island Guided Tour
Mount Gower Guided Tour